Past Works (1/6 BJD Aphrodite)

Aphrodite -Antigone-

*1/6 doll (Aphrodite) has ended production. (March 09, 2016)


For this doll, I made an initial prototype with paper clay. Then, by replacing the paper clay to resin, I finished the details. It took a period of approximately half a year, but finally I created a fantastic, beautiful doll that reminded me of the goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. This is where ‘AERIAL’ originates. Throughout the entire process, from the silicon mold production until resin casting, I use the EDWARDS made vacuum pump, so I can create a beautiful doll with no bubbles or pinholes. The joints of this doll are connected by piano wire because of the strength and elasticity that piano wire offers.

I continue try to keep that there is no bubbles throughout all resin cast process, but I cannot guarantee completely 100% exclusion of bubbles.

Aphrodite -Antigone-

1/6 BJD Measurements

Doll Height : 10.63 inch (27 cm)
Skin Color : Ivory, Honey Milk, Pink, Peach
Breast Size : AA cup , B cup , D cup , F cup
Wig Size : 4 inch (Head : 10.2 cm)
Eye Size : 0.4 inch (10 mm Round Shaped Acrylic Eyes)
Package Includes : Face-up, Acrylic Eyes (LIFE LIKE EYE), Extension Eyelushes

The resin will be changed to yellowish color If you put a long period of time under fluorescent lights or Sun lights. I recommend use the LED lights Instead the fluorescent lights.