In 2016, there are currently two 1/4 doll sculpts Eva and Aaliyah. They are the 2nd edition released dolls by AERIALBJD. I designed their beautiful face and body line with 3DCG. The program used was “Blender” and it was for engineering and designing them both. I ordered the 3D printing from the company, “i.materialise” in Belgium. This has made it easy to maintain and replace the body parts. The 3D printer was able to produce a exquisite, symmetrical body that otherwise would be difficult to produce by hand. As with usual ball jointed dolls, I have assembled them with elastic cords through their body. I had also used “Shin-Etsu KE-1310ST” for the Silicone mold and “AXSON FASTCAST F18” for the inverted Resin mold of the Silicone mold. These are the materials of super low shrinkage rate. For the doll body, I am using a high-quality resin of manufactured “R.C. Berg”.

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Custom Color Resin : Purple Gray <紫鼠>

AERIALBJD 1/4 Ball Jointed Dolls:

BJD Full-Set = US$460(5万600円) – US$499(5万4890円)
(Shipped assembled. Including face-up, body blushing and removal of the seam lines).

BJD Kit A = US$340(3万7400円) – US$379(4万1690円)
(Shipped unassembled with the removal of the seam lines).

BJD Kit B = US$230(2万5300円) – US$269(2万9590円)
(Shipped unassembled without the removal of the seam lines).

Kit Options:

Face-up = US$60(6600円)
(Includes : Eyelashes, Sealant “body coating by Mr.SuperClear matte”).
Body blushing = US$80(8800円)
(Includes : Sealant “body coating by Mr.SuperClear matte”).

Price of Special Resin:

Pale Blue, Tan, Light Tan and Dark Tan is US$30(3300円).
Light Yellow and Chocolate Black is US$15(1650円).

Package Includes: Elastic cords and S-shaped hooks.
Does Not Include: Wig, Eyes, Outfits and Accessories.

Skin Colors

Skin Colors

Chart of skin colors.

Price of Special Resin:
Pale Blue, Tan, Light Tan and Dark Tan is US$30(3300円).
Light Yellow and Chocolate Black is US$15(1650円).

All of Tan and Chocolate Black color might be discoloration by removal of the seam lines. You can choose with the removal of the seam lines or not.

Pale blue skin color.
Pale Blue
Light Tan skin color.
Light Tan

16inch 1/4 BJD Measurements

16inch 1/4 BJD Measurements

Doll Height : 16 inch (40 cm)
Sculpt Types : Aaliyah , Eva
Skin Colors : White Ivory , Honey Milk , Light Yellow , Doll’s Pink , Asian Peach , Pale Blue , Light Tan , Tan , Dark Tan , Chocolate black
Bust Types : AA cup , A cup , B cup , C cup , Bombshell F cup , Succubus (Ibuki)
Wig Size : 6 – 7 inch
Head Perimeter : 5.9 inch (15 cm)
Eye Size : 8mm, 10mm, 12mm (8mm or 10mm eyes need to fixed it self with clay.)

Past Works (1/6 BJD Aphrodite)

Past Works (1/6 BJD Aphrodite)

Aphrodite -Antigone-

*1/6 doll (Aphrodite) has ended production. (March 09, 2016)


For this doll, I made an initial prototype with paper clay. Then, by replacing the paper clay to resin, I finished the details. It took a period of approximately half a year, but finally I created a fantastic, beautiful doll that reminded me of the goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. This is where ‘AERIAL’ originates. Throughout the entire process, from the silicon mold production until resin casting, I use the EDWARDS made vacuum pump, so I can create a beautiful doll with no bubbles or pinholes. The joints of this doll are connected by piano wire because of the strength and elasticity that piano wire offers.

I continue try to keep that there is no bubbles throughout all resin cast process, but I cannot guarantee completely 100% exclusion of bubbles.

Aphrodite -Antigone-

1/6 BJD Measurements

Doll Height : 10.63 inch (27 cm)
Skin Color : Ivory, Honey Milk, Pink, Peach
Breast Size : AA cup , B cup , D cup , F cup
Wig Size : 4 inch (Head : 10.2 cm)
Eye Size : 0.4 inch (10 mm Round Shaped Acrylic Eyes)
Package Includes : Face-up, Acrylic Eyes (LIFE LIKE EYE), Extension Eyelushes

The resin will be changed to yellowish color If you put a long period of time under fluorescent lights or Sun lights. I recommend use the LED lights Instead the fluorescent lights.